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Staff Testimonials

I love working for such a forward-thinking and collaborative team who really care about the wellbeing and success of each person in our community. It is such an exciting opportunity to create our school culture from the beginning and I have never been so optimistic about the outcomes of the children in my care. As a teacher leader, I feel supported in my decisions that uphold the highest expectations for pupils, creating a high level of consistency in our classrooms that allows the really enjoyable aspects of the job to shine through. 

Abi Lovell, Assistant Headteacher, Maths

Being part of the inaugural team at Matford Brook Academy has truly felt like a once in a life-time experience. This school is something special. Everything I felt needed to happen in order to give pupils the very best is happening here and being able to share my voice and seeing the impact of that is everything that I wanted out of my career. 

Theo Zimbler, Deputy SENDCo and Pupil Empowerment Lead

I am incredibly proud to be part of the inaugural team growing something so special at Matford Brook Academy. Building a calm, focused yet stimulating learning environment around a truly kind and caring community has always been an ambition of mine. It is so incredibly rewarding to see our vision come to life.

Emma Tremlett, Assistant Headteacher, Science

I was attracted to work at Matford Brook Academy for the unique opportunity to become a foundational root of a growing local community. It is so rewarding being part of a supportive staff body which prioritises a culture of high expectations and consistency. Ultimately, this has a profound impact on pupils’ learning and their ability to become brilliant authors of their story.

Luke Barner, Teacher of Sport, Health & Nutrition