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Students Design Innovative Airport for West Midlands

A team of talented pupils from our school have taken on the ambitious task of designing a new airport for the West Midlands. Under the team name "The Ground Crew," these young innovators have combined their unique strengths to develop a cutting-edge project that showcases their creativity and collaborative skills.

Meet The Ground Crew

  • Ahmi (Team Leader)
  • Holly-Rose (Project Manager)
  • Mia-Rose (Communications, Research, and Impact Lead)
  • Tommy Hutchings (Design Lead)

The team has engaged in weekly meetings, substituting their usual Wednesday afternoon "Discovery" sessions to focus on this project. Ahmi, the team leader, even visited Exeter Airport and met with staff from Aviation South West to gain first-hand insights into airport operations and design.

Innovative Learning and Engagement

To accommodate time constraints and school commitments, the team disseminated masterclasses to their parents for engagement at home. This approach ensured that the students could fully immerse themselves in the project without compromising their regular studies.

Testimonials and Praise

Cecilia Golborne, Associate Teacher at MBA, expressed her admiration for the team's dedication and achievements:

"It has been an absolute delight to work with these four talented and able individuals across the last few weeks to assemble an ambitious and challenging project which incorporates novel, high-level concepts into their existing curricular knowledge. This competition has presented a fantastic opportunity for these pupils to represent Matford Brook Academy in showcasing key principles in the research, design, and delivery of an international airport in the UK. They have collaborated their unique strengths and abilities as a strong team of four, progressing excellent ideas into an inspiring model for future innovative and sustainable airport design. I am incredibly proud of their achievements, initiative, and their enthusiasm for learning. They have developed myriad transferable skills which will, no doubt, pave the way in support of their future endeavours."

Hannah Rose, Acting Headteacher of MBA, also praised the students:

"Now more than ever, it's important for schools to foster innovation and practical skills in students. Our team at MBA has shown remarkable initiative and creativity in this project. Their dedication to exploring and challenging concepts beyond the classroom is commendable. This experience not only enriches their learning but also prepares them for future challenges. We are immensely proud of their hard work and the impressive results they have achieved and we wish them the best of luck at the Ted Wragg Innovation Competition next week where they will go head to head against 15 other schools."

For more information on the Ted Wragg Innovation competition click here.