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Our Trust of Schools

Mission and Values

At Matford Brook Academy, we write our story. We exist to provide an excellent, all-through education that empowers children to believe they can, and should, change the world around them.

 Through the values of scholarship, kindness and community, our school is committed to realising our vision for every child.

With scholarship, we show that I am the author of my story

Staff and pupils together work hard and strive to be better whilst taking pride in learning beautifully. We are curious and creative in our learning and we value the process we go through as much as the outcome we achieve - and those will be exceptional. As an Academy, we have the highest aspirations for our children: we want them to thrive, now and in their future. We are committed to disruption-free classrooms so that every child has their inhibited right to learn. 

We build the blocks for our pupils to progress to university or another aspirational equivalent. We are unapologetic in this: we believe that every child deserves it. We match our ambitious curriculum with an offer of extra-curricular opportunities.

With kindness, we believe that I empower others to write their story 

We know that we can be the goodness in the world and put others first. Our actions impact those around us and we choose to treat everyone so that they can be the very best they are capable of. We care deeply and advocate bravely, for those in our local community and beyond, and our team exemplify this with their love for the children. Our staff are attachment-aware and embody the 'warm-challenge', consistent approach to build strong, positive relationships and support each child to succeed.

We recognise that we may mistakes with this but we learn from them: we name it, claim it and carry on. Acts of kindness are recognised and celebrated. 

With community, we recognise that we write our story together

We are part of an all-through school community, one which, excitingly, we will be building together with our first pupils and their families. Together, we are stronger, and we not only help others but also draw on help ourselves when we need it.

Our curriculum encourages children to see themselves as part of their school community, local community and global community, recognising that they have a vital part in each one. 

Our staff value the relationships we build with our children's families. By working together, as a community, with shared aspirations, consistently high expectations and deep care for your children, we know that they can thrive both now and in their future. The home-school relationship is vital: we are raising children together.