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If there is anything else which you would like to know about, please do get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ form and we would be happy to assist.

Which year groups will be the first to join Matford Brook Academy?

  • Our school opened to Year 7 pupils in September 2023 and will grow every subsequent year from that point. For example, we will move into Year 8 from September 2024, Year 9 from September 2025 and so on. The same pattern will follow for nursery, preschool and primary aged children joining from September 2024.
  • The new intake in September 2024 is for: Nursery, Preschool, Reception and Year 7.
  • We are also welcoming Year 1 pupils, who we expect to be a small, but growing cohort joining us from September 2024. 
  • In-year admissions for Years 1 and 8 will be available during the summer term 2024 for a September 2024 start.

What subjects will my child study?

  • We offer a broad range of subjects at Key Stage Three to allow pupils to enthusiastically engage with core (English, Maths, Science), Humanities (History, Geography), MfL (expected to be Spanish with potential second language later), PE and PSHE, as well as Creative Arts (e.g. Art, Photography), Creative Technologies (e.g. Design, Computing) and Performing Arts.
  • We have a ‘deliberate difference’ of a longer school day to ensure there is dedicated time for all subjects, as well as our focus on oracy and personal development.
  • Our Reception children moving through the Primary school will benefit from specialist teaching, facilities and resources from across the school – for example, in future MfL or Science teaching. It’s a special part of the all-through offer.

Which staff will you have at the school in the first year?

  • We’re really pleased to be working with a team of both Matford Brook specific teachers and expert practitioners from other Ted Wragg Trust schools to deliver specific areas (e.g. Modern Foreign Languages).
  • Every subject will be taught from the first cohort with an excellent, academic curriculum.
  • This will grow each year with the expectation that staff will be predominantly Matford Brook-based by year 3 of the first cohort.
  • Nursery & Reception will have their own class teacher & support staff, as required.
  • There will be other key staff members appointed for the new school opening in September 2024 start. Stay up-to-date via our website and social media channels.
  • If you have questions relating to SEND provision, please contact us with your specific enquiry.
  • We are currently in 'Phase Two' of recruitment and are incredibly impressed by the strong field we have received for each role. We look forward to introducing them to you in the coming months.

How do transport and pedestrian access work to the Academy?

  • We are liaising with DCC Transport team to confirm the areas for which LA transport is provided to Matford Brook Academy.
  • Secondary children are eligible for free transport from LA only where Matford Brook Academy is the closest secondary school and over 3 miles from their home.
  • Contact the DCC Transport team to confirm eligibility for your specific address via their mailbox: [email protected] 
  • Public bus routes have not been confirmed yet, and we are working with relevant authorities to ascertain what will be available. 
  • We are working with the DCC team to publish recommended pedestrian routes in line with their planning schedule.The Teignbridge development, where Matford Brook Academy is based, includes a footbridge over the A379 (from Chudleigh Rd). 
  • Further updates re. public bus routes, pedestrian routes etc. will be shared as we receive information. Stay up-to-date via our website and social media channels.

What uniform will my child wear?

  • Information about our uniform can be found here.
  • The uniform is designed to adhere to the statutory guidance from the Department for Education regarding school uniform.

What is your behaviour policy?

  • ‘Kindness’ is one of the three Academy values. We know that children need to feel safe in order to thrive.
  • We have high expectations of a ‘positive choice’ environment i.e. understanding the impact we can have on others.
  • We are committed to a disruption-free classroom so that all children can be scholars and reach their highest potential.
  • A full policy, including anti-bullying, will be published to schedule with all other statutory school policies.
  • Our staff have a ‘warm-strict’ approach – they have high and consistent expectations and show that they care. Relationships are important to us as a school.
  • We ask our parents and carers to support a ‘Name It, Claim It, Carry On’ approach where we recognise that all children will make mistakes, that there is a consequence or reparation as a result, and then we learn from this and move on.

When can we visit the site?

  • We wish we could take you around the site at the moment! Unfortunately, it isn’t yet ready for external visitors.
  • We are hoping that there will be an opportunity to host visits and are working with the Department for Education and Spatial Initiative for updates. We will share this with our pupils and families when we have more information.
  • We’re excited to show you but you can do a ‘drive by’ if you want to have a peek!
  • We are sharing updates about the site on a regular basis - please do stay in touch via our Twitter and Facebook channels.

What will the class sizes be?

This is dependent upon intake but will be average class sizes for both phases i.e. around 30 for secondary.